New times demand

new habits

We once thought that the Earth was flat, cars could only run on gasoline and meat and milk could only come from animals.

That time has come to an end.

Meat and milk do not have to come from animals, and even better! They do not have to harm our wonderful nature and globe!

Since 1988, we have challenged the perception of dairy products and meat, as we believe, it does not necessarily come from animals.

We believe that it should come from the best ingredients in our nature.

Join us on our journey, while we rethink milk and meat, and look into the wonders Earth has given us.

We embrace almonds, soybeans, coconuts, grains of rice and give oats a big, warm hug!

Let’s raise our glass and forks for the new times to come!

Times, where we let nature embrace our taste buds – where food means treating our animals and planet well!

It’s time to drink and eat in a whole new way and say a warm welcome back to our nature!